About Us

Goldilocks Automotive is a brand for you.

Goldilocks Automotive: Just Right!

Goldilocks Automotive is a brand that prides itself on bringing you the best automotive products available for your use in amateur and professional racing.

We are a bunch of car enthusiasts who find, research, and test all our products before use to ensure that you are getting quality every time. We pride ourselves on remaining impartial in our reviews. It’s no fair  when you spend your hard-earned money on a product that just. Isn’t. Good. 

We want to be your go-to resources for all automotive product reviews.

Find helpful articles in our Media Centre to better facilitate your purchases. If you’re someone who researches everything and watches all the reviews before buying a product, then this is the place for you. We hope to provide you with enough technical data, quantitative observations, and good ol’ experience to give you confident in your purchases. Check out our Just Right Reviews, and our Youtube channel for our latest content.

Moving Forward

Daltonomous Inc. Logo

We are operated by Daltonomous Inc. which is a company specializing in autonomous (driverless) car technology in Canada.

Their goal is to develop and utilize autonomous and electric vehicle technology to find solutions to large, global problems. They are aiming to reduce traffic pollution and congestion, while increasing efficiency and quality of life. The sale of all Goldilocks Automotive products goes toward research and development of new automotive technologies. How cool is that?

The vision of Daltonomous is to create EV and Autonomous technologies to radically shift how they interact with vehicles in our day-to-day lives. They are venturing to become a global entity, with our products in use internationally by 2020. We are striving to be an industry leader in an EV or Autonomous segment by providing stellar quality products, outstanding customer service, and unsurpassed commitment to environmental protection through sustainable and clean technologies.