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Accessories is a broad topic that covers all the other tools and supplies that everyone buys from time to time. For example, we look at everything from jack stands & ramps, scanning tools, safety equipment, tool storage and garage organization and more! This section is really designed to help you find the best version of those items that you may only ever buy once. Take a look through our reviews to find out which automotive accessories are just right for you! 

If you’re curious about our review process (how we test and rate various products) be sure to check out our post on that here: Goldilocks Automotive Review Process

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  • Our Review Process

    Our Review Process

    Understanding Our Review Process We break down our review process into four categories: : Offering, Technical, Real-World Usage, and Performance vs. Claims. We believe that each of these categories represents the core of every products. The categories have various points associated with them for a total of 100 points per product. This allows each product […]Read More »