Radiant Heat Test!


All the tests that we have seen have all be an open flame on the tape. That is a pretty destructive test and doesn’t really replicate the conditions in an engine bay. We thought we would try to do a true test using radiant heat.

We used three different samples: Our Elite Series, DEI Reflect-A-Gold, and eBay cheap stuff. We also had a control sample, which was just a piece of aluminum. The tape samples were placed on their own individual aluminum panels. There was only 1 layer of tape on each metal panel.

We used a heat gun that had a max temperature of 135*C to deliver our source of radiant heat.

For measurement, we had a thermistor attached to an Arduino and a LCD display.

Each sample was placed in a vice and was bombarded with heat for 30 seconds. The thermistor was attached to the back of each sample to measure the readings.

The results were shocking.

The bare metal control rose t0 72.49*C, which is expected. However, the eBay cheap stuff rose to 70.37*C! It reflected only 3% more heat versus bare metal.

DEI’s contender did reflect heat, reaching a peak temperature of 63.19*C, but it fell short of our Elite Series.

Our Goldilocks Automotive Elite Series reached a peak temperature of 58.33*C meaning that it reflected 46% of the radiant heat thrown at it, versus only 20% reflected by DEI.

The results are inline with our testing that we did in our blowtorch test. This test involved placing a blowtorch 10cm away from the tape samples. The rest of the experiment was the same as this one. The heat from the torch is far greater, but we kept the flames off the tape. Here are those results.



As you can see, our Goldilocks Automotive Elite series is the best of the bunch.

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