Elite Series Lava Rock Wrap 2×2 Twill Weave (DGAT2255LR)

elite series lava rock
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If you are looking to stop heat from entering your engine bay, protecting your feet from a hot exhaust, or want to wrap your motorcycle’s exhaust pipes, this is the product for you. Made from pulverized lava rock that melted and then spun into a strand fiber, this product is the best on the market for containing heat. Able to withstand temperatures of up to 1200*C. This far outperforms traditional fiberglass (E Glass) and provides better heat protection for much, much longer.

This is the 2×2 Twill version and is best suited for complex curves and bends in pipe.

NOTE: We do not recommend wrapping titanium exhausts. Titanium exhausts tend to have thin walls and are designed to dissipate heat fast. By containing the heat with the Elite Series Lava Rock Wrap, the exhausts could crack. 

Tape Dimensions:

5cm wide x  10 metres long

Box comes with Installation instructions

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Product Reviews

Always buy Twill

5.0 rating

I bought this for my headers that I am going to install on my 335i. IMO you need to buy twill because it goes around the curves. Nice to have metal zip ties too.

Malcom R.

Its good

5.0 rating

Bought this to try on my new exhaust. Shipping was fast (I’m in the US), and the product arrived in a padded envelope. The zip ties are good cause they are long enough. The wrap seems solid and looks like itll work.

Chy B.

Really like this

5.0 rating

I bought some dyed fiberglass insulation for my motorcycle’s pipes. Ultimately, the dye burned off and I was left with white fiberglass wrap.
I bought this stuff to replace that because the dye doesn’t wear off. I bought the twill because my exhaust has lots of bends and this makes it really easy to install. My old fiberglass was plain weave and it was pretty hard to put on. So far so good!

Mahmoud A.