GA Elite Series Sheets (DGA00100ES)

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Our  Elite Series High-Temperature-Reflecting Sheets are an inexpensive way to reduce heat soak in high-temperature environments.
   Attach the sheet to whatever you want to keep cool! If you have a turbo or supercharger, this is a definite must-have product!
   Goldilocks Automotive Elite Series thermal products are designed to protect your car’s systems such as the engine air intake, radiators, fuel lines, intercoolers, battery housing, and electronic wiring harnesses from radiant engine heat.
   This gold-coloured sheet provides shielding in high temperature processing and reflects approximately 85% radiant heat, up to 540C; your typical engine bay heats up to around 150C. We did our product testing in-house to ensure that you are getting the best possible product for your application. We have chosen a group of materials that is head-and-shoulders above the competition.

Install in minutes! Simply clean the part you want to install this to, unroll the amount of tape you need, and apply it to the part. If you make a mistake, just lift it back up, adjust, and re-apply. When you’re happy with the placement, firmly press down on the tape to remove any wrinkles and firmly set the adhesive.

Download the Installation Instructions Here.

We offer a 30 day warranty on any defects due to workmanship (de-lamination of the layers, missing layers)

Damage due to misuse or shipping is not our responsibility.

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5.0 rating

I’ve been looking for uncut sheets for a while. Most end smaller than 50cm, or worse, they claim that’s 1sq meter of material, but it’s made up of sectioned pieces.
This came shipped in a super long tube (I guess it was a meter long!) and shipping was fast. The product itself is just like their tape (same weave, same material, same everything really). No surprises there that it works well. Very happy I found this.

Jake C.