ELITE SERIES Gold Heat Reflective Tape

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The Best Gold Heat Reflecting Tape On The Market

Our Elite Series Thermal Tape is an inexpensive way to reduce heat soak in high-temperature environments. Simply attach this tape to whatever you want to keep cool. If you have a turbo or supercharger, this is a definite must-have product! This gold heat reflecting tape is engineered using high quality materials to ensure that it performs in the harshest conditions. You can always tell our product apart from the competition due to its rich gold colouring versus the cheap super-shiny gold you may see. 

Goldilocks Automotive Elite Series Thermal Products are designed to protect your car’s systems such as the engine air intake, radiators, fuel lines, intercoolers, battery housing, and electronic wiring harnesses from radiant engine heat. 

This gold heat reflective tape provides shielding in high temperature processing and reflects approximately 85% radiant heat, up to 540C; your typical engine bay heats up to around 150C. We did our product testing in-house to ensure that you are getting the best possible product for your application. 

Using advanced laminating techniques, we have create a tri-layer gold heat wrap to insulate your car parts:

Starting with the V3 Polyimide Layer (The gold colour), this acts exactly as 24k gold sheets you see in the aerospace industry, without the enormous expense associated with it. The high index of reflexion ensures that 85% of the radiant heat is reflected. Beware of competitors that use mylar (the material from shiny balloons) as their top layer. 

Next we have an thick aluminum layer bonded to the V3 Polyimide. This aluminum layers acts as a heatsink to disperse any absorbed heat along the length of the tape. Very few other gold heat wrap on the market have this middle layer. 

Finally, we have a tightly-woven fibreglass layer. As the aluminum layers heats up, it transfer the remaining heat to the glass weave. Since glass is an excellent insulator, the heat passes extremely slowly through it, allowing you to drive harder, longer. You can see the difference in quality based on how tight the weave is on our tape versus the loose or uneven weaves of our competitors. 

Check out some of our videos for more information: 

Tape Dimensions:

5cm wide x 5 metres long

Box comes with Installation instructions

All items are shipped from Guelph, Ontario.

We aim to have your order processed and shipped out in 1 day. 

Canada Shipping: 3-10  business days (select express shipping at checkout for faster shipping)

U.S. Shipping: 5-14 business days (select express shipping at checkout for faster shipping)

Install in minutes! Simply clean the part you want to install this to, unroll the amount of tape you need, and apply it to the part. If you make a mistake, just lift it back up, adjust, and re-apply. When you’re happy with the placement, firmly press down on the tape to remove any wrinkles and firmly set the adhesive.

Download the Installation Instructions Here.

We offer a 30 day warranty on any defects due to workmanship (de-lamination of the layers, missing layers)

Damage due to misuse or shipping is not our responsibility.

We offer a 14 day return policy on any unused, unopened merchandise. Buyer is responsible for the return shipping.

If you would like to become a Goldilocks Automotive Vendor or would like to purchase this product in bulk, please visit our vendor page for more information

Last 10 Reviews

Good Price

5.0 rating

I’m from Florida and decided to order from here because the conversion is so good. For $112USD I got 3 rolls and free shipping which makes this waay cheaper than DEI. So far it’s been working well in my SL in the Florida heat.


Used on the Track

5.0 rating

I put this on the rear bumper of my Porsche (on the inside) because my modded exhaust kept melting the inner liner of the bumper. This is the third type of tape that I’ve used and it’s the only one that doesn’t warp or lift off from the exhaust heat after being on track for a while. Love it.


Glad I found this product since I wanted something th

4.0 rating

Glad I found this product since I wanted something that draws attention to my Mustang’s engine bay and actually works. I gave it four stars because it’s a bit expensive, but other than that nothing wrong with it.

David A.

Gold Tape

5.0 rating

This is good. No problems installing it. Came really quickly.


Best i've found

5.0 rating

I’ve searched for something reliable and durable to put on my car. Looking at ebay, I can’t really tell what’s good or not, but I don’t trust putting something that costs $5 under my hood. I found this product and the videos on youtube and it looked good to me. So far i’ve had it on my car for a few days and it’s sticking fine. Nice gold colour too. thx


Works fine

4.0 rating

I ordered the two rolls of tape. Shipped out fast. The box that it comes in is cool. Tape worked good. I wish it was a bit stickier, but that’s ok. Been on there for a few days now and looks good. Running in my GTI.


Doesn't bend around curves

3.0 rating

This tape works well, but it doesn’t really bend around curves. That makes it lift pretty easy. I was hoping that I could stretch it or something to work.

Jake K.

Worth it!

5.0 rating

Been looking for something like this for a while. Saw the tests on Youtube and took the plunge. Shipping was fast, it arrived in about 3 days. The tape was easy to apply and so far so good!


Elite Series Tape

5.0 rating

I bought this tape for my time attack car. I wanted something to give me a little more performance. So far I’ve noticed about a 5-7*F difference (lower), which I’m happy about. Overall I’m happy with this product.


Clean your parts!

4.0 rating

Ordered the two pack of this tape. It arrived in quickly. The tape comes in small cardboard boxes with some instructions, which I promptly threw away. Turns out I needed them because they say to clean your parts really well before install. I didn’t and the tape didn’t stick! It peeled up in a few days. I went back and cleaned my parts with rubbing alcohol and brake cleaner, and now it seems to be holding strong after a week. Hopinh it stays that way.