Manor-Mercedes Wheel Nuts

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This is your chance to own RARE Formula 1 parts. This Wheel Nut is off the 2016 Manor-Mercedes F1 car. 

  • Precision CNC milled
  • anodized aluminum
  • weighing exactly 214g each
  • 101mm diameter
  • 64mm tall  

Each wheel nut is Grand Prix weekend used, has a unique ID number, and comes with a certificate of authenticity

There are two pieces to each wheel nut; the Nut and the bearing race (as shown in the picture)

Daltonomous Inc. issues the certificate of authenticity. They are the original buyers of the F1 Wheel Nuts and can trace the purchase right back to the Gordon Brother’s Auction.

Each certificate has the details regarding the specific wheel nut you buy, including the colour, weight, material, and serial number. 

The certificate is signed by the CEO of Daltonomous Inc. 

The condition of each of the wheel nuts is used.

They were used in either a Free Practice, Qualifying, or Race by the Manor Formula 1 team. 

The marks, scratches, oil, and dirt are all part of the story and provenance. 

There is a 7 day return policy on this item. It must be shipped back at the buyer’s expense. 

We aim to have your order processed and shipped out in 1 day. 

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Product Reviews

Really Happy

5.0 rating

Really glad I snagged one one of these. If you’re a diehard F1 fan, you’ll know how hard it is to find F1 parts, let alone parts from only a few years ago. I’ve now been able to add this to my collection of a front wing endplate from a Caterham, and my DRS board from the Austin GP.


Excellent Find

5.0 rating

Saw someone post this on a forum. I picked it up for 20% off which was a great deal. You just can’t find some stuff like this on the market that isn’t 5 or 6 times as expensive as this. I love having this on my desk as I watch the race. If you turn it upside down you can fit a can of beer in it!

Jeremy F.

WOW! Really happy to have bought this!

5.0 rating

I saw the ads posted online for this, and wanted to check it out. I was a bit skeptical at first, so I emailed their customer service for more information. I got a hold of Alex, the owner, who was extremely helpful. He told me where these parts were originally sourced from (the Manor Marussia auction in the UK), and said they come with a certificate of authenticity guaranteed by the company.
I took the plunge and couldn’t be happier! the packaged arrived well protected in a huge cardboard box. On top was a letter written by Alex thanking me for my purchase along with the certificate of authenticity. Under that was the wheel nut all wrapped up in bubble wrap.
The piece is really nice! Lighter than I thought. It definitely shows the wear and tear from the use, which is really cool. I can really imagine the pit crew slamming the wheel gun into this.
The wheel nut now sits proudly on my desk at work. Very happy! 5/5

Edward K.
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5.0 rating
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