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Look What Arrived! – GAV4

Finally this arrived after sooo many months of preparation! I’m so excited to finally show everyone! This took months and months of development to increase the sheet size of our popular Elite Series Thermal Tape. Available now, our Elite Series Sheets come in 5 different configurations so that you have the perfect amount for your product. I’m pleased to bring you one of, if not the only, uncut 100cm x 100cm sheet size. This allows you to have ample material to cover ANY of your projects!

Take a look at the video for a quick demo:



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Why Cooling is the Key to Success for your Car

Gold tape, high-capacity intercoolers, ice tanks in the trunk. There are a variety of methods to cooling both the water coolant in your car and the air intakes. Why is this necessary? Does it actually do anything?

Here you can see our Elite Series tape on an intercooler to reflect radiant engine heat.


The short answer is: ‘Yes’

The long answer involved some pretty intense physics for the explanation. For the sake of this article, we will keep it relatively simple.
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